Recreation Facilities

Playground & Basketball Court

Thanks to previous generations of Marlbank Farm community members and volunteers, a playground was built for the neighborhood children to enjoy.  Swings, a play set, and monkey bars are available to all community members.  A half-court basketball hoop is next to the playground area.  A Wall is available for wall-ball games, solo tennis practice, etc.  As with any structure, the playground is at the mercy of the elements.  Any volunteer efforts or donations are always appreciated towards making it a clean and safe play area.

Tennis Courts

The two tennis courts that are part of the Marlbank Farm neighborhood are often in use.  There courts are lighted, extending the opportunities for play into the cooler summer evenings.  If you are interested in finding a playing partner within the neighborhood please contact the MRA board and we will steer you to the best source for all things Tennis.

During the 2 holiday weekends (Memorial Day and Labor Day) there is often a neighborhood tennis tournament.  This is very friendly and casual in nature and anyone interested is invited to participate.  Be on the lookout for sign-up notices by email or posted on the entry to the neighborhood.

Community Dock

The Marlbank Farm neighborhood has been blessed with property set aside for a community dock.  A dock was constructed many years ago and enjoyed much use from the community.  The dock has succumbed to age and is in the process of being repaired.  We have Virginia Marine Resource Commission approval to rebuild the structure and hope to do so in the 2014 calendar year.