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Published Irregularly—Always on Time                                                                                                        Issue No.1

New Pier Construction to Start in May

Construction of a new L-shaped 140 feet long by 5 feet wide pier will begin in May of this year at Harbor Drive off of Old Landing Road. The new pier will have a floating dock and will be located to the left of the old pier extending as far as the last of the old pilings that are there now, see photo below. We hope to have the old pier removed and all the heavy work done on the new pier by the end of May. At this point volunteers will be needed to complete the planking of the new pier. This is part one of a two-phase project.

dock yellow line





Old pier at Harbor Drive off of Old Landing Road. Yellow line indicates location of new pier.

In phase two of the fund raising campaign, an easy on/off Kayak launch ramp,similar to the one shown below, will be added to the pier. The location of the pier offers access to miles of kayaking, canoeing and fishing on the protected waters of Wormley Creek and the York River. This diverse ecological region offers abundant wildlife such as the great blue heron, kingfishers, duck, osprey, deer and many other species. The York River provides anglers with gamefish such as croaker, flounder, cobia, catfish, and striped bass. Flounder is a good catch from mid-May to June. There is no parking at Harbor Drive; park there only to load and unload your kayak, then if necessary park along Old Landing Road.








Kayak launch ramp.






“X” marks the location of the pier. It provides easy access to Wormley Creek and the York River.

 Financing for the New Pier

At the last general MRA meeting a budget of $5700 was approved for the construction of the pier with the proviso that the funding would come from donations. At the same meeting, Chris Gross made a very generous offer of a zero interest loan for $9000 to support phase one of the project. The Kayak Club plans to repay this loan also through donations. As of February 23, 2015 we have raised $1560 or about 10% of our goal of $15,530 to complete phase one of the pier project. An additional estimated amount of $5000 will help provide the kayak launch for phase two of the project. We need your support to complete this project which will benefit your community.

MRA will be sending out the annual dues form and on the form will be an option to donate to this project.










The first 10 $200 donations get a complementary KAYAK CLUB T-shirt.

Join the MRA

If you are a resident of Marlbank Farms or Marlbank Cove and you are not a member of the Marlbank Recreation Association, this is the perfect time to join. Membership provides access to all the MRA facilities, the pool, the tennis courts and the new pier. It also provides you with discounts to all the events held at the Clubhouse. To join the MRA contact:


Belinda Hicks

 Kayak & Canoe Safety

You should wear a Coast Guard approved Type III personal flotation device (PDF) at all times while kayaking or canoeing.

Make sure that your kayak floats even when full of water.

Know how to execute a wet exit (exiting the kayak while upside down in the water).This video shows how to do it:

Know how to re-enter your kayak after a wet exit. This video shows you how to do it with the assistance of your paddle:

and this one shows you how to do it without the paddle:

Know the Rules-of-the-Road. Kayaks and canoes are required to keep to the far right of a narrow channel. If your kayak or canoe is overtaken from behind you should maintain course and speed. In a head-on meeting each approaching vessel should turn right to avoid a collision. When meeting a vessel at right angle, the vessel on the right has the right of way.

DONATE: To donate to the pier project, Pay by credit card by going to (look at the bottom of the page) and select your donation option or  write your check to MRA and mail it to: MARLBANK RECREATION ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 278, Yorktown, VA 23690. Write PIER on the check memo-line.CONTACT INFORMATIONIf you have any questions about the pier project, please contact Eric Brown at seventypt3@me.comKAYAK CLUB MEETINGSThe MRA KAYAK CLUB meets every 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse.

While on a kayak or canoe you must carry a whistle or sound device with an audible capacity of ½ mile. When encountering another vessel, one short whistle signals that you are altering your course to the right and leaving the other vessel on your left. Two short whistles signals that you are altering your course to the left leaving the other vessel on your right.